About Us

Roberta's love for dogs started from a very young age. She has many memories of the stray dogs she would bring home, regular trips to the SPCA, and the stops on her way home from school to say hi to all the neighbourhood dogs. It's very well known by all of her friends and family that she is dog crazy!!
Figuring out her path was easy! She wanted to work with dogs as it is her passion in life. Roberta attended and graduated from Ben Kersons Professional Dog Trainers School in Victoria, B.C.


Upon graduation, Roberta found herself immediately in-demand within the movie industry, where she worked on-set and productions with Wolves and various dog breeds.
One of the movies she worked on was the Last Trapper, where she worked along side with wolves up in the Yukon. Another popular movie was the original Air Buddies production, where she trained the Golden Retriever puppies for their various scenes.
As much as she loved working in the movie industry, Roberta jumped at the opportunity to manage a dog boarding kennel where she also ran the obedience programs. Before long, Roberta was running her own business where Darling Dogs was born! Roberta has worked with so many wonderful dogs, and looks forward to meeting many more. "This is not a job, it's her passion!!"
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A day in the life of a Darling Dog:

7AM -Outside
8-9AM- Feeding time
10- 11AM - Back outside

Afternoon quite time is between 11-2PM
2- 3PM -Outside time
3-4PM - Feeding time
4-5PM -Outside time
8-9PM -Outside time

These times are approximate and dependent on weather conditions and each individual dog.