Client Testimonials

"We have been going to Darling Dogs for over 5 years now. Will not go anywhere else!!!! The dogs are able to play OFF LEASH for hours on end and are having the time of their lives on this large property. The owner is fantastic, very friendly, very accommodating. I don't know what i would do without her. Thank You Darling Dogs for making my dog a very happy one when she stays with you."
- Leah Clauzel

"We just returned our puppy dog from the Darling Dogs Boot Camp. Roberta is wonderful! A serious and responsible trainer in Greater Vancouver. We finally found someone who could actually help us with our stubborn Shiba Inu Puppy. After her 2 weeks of boot camp, we have a different dog. Walks nicely on the leash, reacts to all our commands, plays with other dogs! We didn't recognize our puppy. I HIGHLY recommend Roberta at Darling Dogs. More importantly, her approach is personalized, she's always ready with an answer, and she's just a phone call or an email away."
- Ilana

"We have a young German Shepherd who we first brought to Darling Dogs at the age of 1.5 years to be boarded for the weekend when we went away. She was well cared for and had plenty of canine companionship. Lucy still needed quite a bit of training as she was not very obedient at all and we were at a loss of what to do, in spite of reading several books and taking her to training classes at the local petstore chain. We decided to bring her back to Darling Dogs for the intensive 2 week Bootcamp. It made a huge difference, and we are so glad we did it. In addition, we always bring her to Darling Dogs when we go away as we feel comfort in knowing she will be well looked after!"
- Amanda T.

"We have been taking our dog to Darling Dogs for over 7 years. We have moved with Roberta each time she has moved. My Frankie is loved there and treated like one of the family. We had used other Kennels in the past and will never go anywhere else. Frankie goes for day care and boarding when needed. He is almost 13 now and my husband is convinced that his time at Darling Dogs "sniffing butts and being a dog" has certainly added years to his life."
- Janice O.

"I have a 10 month old chocolate lab named Hershey, and I had pretty much no idea what I was in store for when I bought her. It was a rough first few months and she got completely out of control... being my first dog ever I had no idea how to train her at all. So after Hershey ate many items including furniture, toys and clothing I knew I had a problem. Walking her was also horrible, must have been pretty funny to see a dog half my size walking me! Anyways I went on vacation and got referred to Roberta at Darling Dogs by Clayton Critters Pet Supply store and heard great reviews from Megan who I ran into at the dog park in clayton heights whose dog Bruno went through the training course and saw what he could do and was shocked. So I called Roberta up and she was super nice and willing to go with my schedule, I took Hershey there and saw other dogs there because she also does doggie daycare. I knew she had a tough one to break in training Hershey and definately had my doubts but when I returned from vacation and met with them for my training session I was dumb-founded at the way my dog acted. She was happy to see me of course but the way Roberta kept her in line and the way Hershey responded to her amazed me. Ill admit it was tough for me to adjust to being more disciplined on her but I realized it was best for all of us. When I finally picked Hershey up after the 2 weeks and brought her home.... I can't even explain the difference in my dog. She was obedient and listened and was geniunely better in all aspects. The key is to keep up the training and hard work Roberta installed in her and so far I have done the best that I can with it. I have and truly would recommend Roberta 1000 times over again. I never thought she could break Hershey but she did and I'm so thankful because now I have a dog who obeys me because I have realized how to be the alpha dog and she knows that now whereas before it was a lost cause. It amazed me and my friends at the difference when we brought Hershey home and even still now 3 weeks later. In my opinion the dog whisperer has nothing on her!"
- Connie

"After graduating puppy class somewhere else, Atyia was out of control and destroying the house. Darling Dogs' Doggie Boot Camp was recommended to me and I couldn't be happier with the results. Not only was my dog trained, but I was shown ways to maintain control of the training tailored for my particular dog. Atyia also attends daycare regularly at Darling Dogs. She loves daycare and the socialization she gets playing with the other dogs. I love that she gets more exercise than I could ever give her myself and that she comes home tired and happy. Daycare also gives continued support of Atyia's training, allowing me to ask questions and receive encouragement and pointers. When we board Atyia at Darling Dogs we are confident in knowing that our dog is well looked after, safe and happy. There is nowhere we would rather her be when she is not with us. Before using Darling Dogs' services we were at our wits end with an out of control, hyper puppy. We now have a much happier, calmer member of our family. We even get compliments on our well trained dog, something that never would have happened without the help of Darling Dogs!"
- Colleen L.